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Andre Agassi Didn’t Stop At Crystal Meth: What’s His Current Addiction?

So, what is it that made a tennis-hating Andre Agassi turn into a tennis prodigy?

You would be surprised to know, but Andre Agassi hated Tennis yet he ended up becoming a prodigy, anyway. Professionally approved drugs can make anybody Andre Agassi or Michael Schumacher. And no, it’s not Crystal Meth, if you thought so, because Andre quit doing it a long ago. Moreover, Crystal Meth is not even approved in any manner.

Story of Crystal Meth to Gil ‘Water’

Andre Agassi has certainly aced Tennis over the years, regardless of whether the temperature was ratcheting or his game’s intensity. But nobody bothered wondering how did he manage to be flawless all these years without making a mistake and stayed away from injuries, especially after training under his coach – Gil Reyes.

Blame it on his ‘always angry’ father for making Agassi’s childhood disturbed, but Andre had a thing for drugs. It started with Crystal Meth, a strongly addictive drug that impacts the brain’s central nervous system and escalated on to the ‘Gil Water’.

The tonic water was introduced by and named after the tennis champion’s fitness trainer, Gil Reyes. Even though it is said to be a ‘hydration drink for players’ and is consumed by a lot of sportspersons. But that doesn’t make its use ethical as its basically a drug based drink commercialized in the name of a hydration drink for players.

Besides caffeine, pizza oven, and snowboarding; Agassi added the Gil Water to his list of addictions.

In one of the magazine interviews, his trainer revealed how Andre stayed ‘away from injuries for almost decades’, which was clearly the result of his ‘Gil Water addiction’. Even though Reyes mentioned about stretches with resistance tubing, bench-presses, and dumbbells, but he totally forgot mentioning his own product – the Gil Waters which certainly did all the magic.

So does that mean the life and immense success of Andre Agassi was an illusion?


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