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Dubai Sports Council Treads Positively to Make UAE a Sports Hub

Dubai Sports Council

Unlike other countries in the Middle East, the UAE has the most diversified economy. Apart from the foresight of the Emirati leaders, Dubai Sports Council has also played a prime role in establishing the UAE as one of the best sports hubs across the entire Middle East region.

Tasked with developing sports culture and considering its impact on the economy of the country in future, the organisation continues its bid to keep its economy independent of natural gas and oil resources. Consequently, working towards achieving the aim, the government-based organisation has decided to host a total of 70 events across the country in February. As per the sources, out of the 70 events, 20 are international championships, which comprise of tennis and cycling.

As a result, fans associated with the sports are likely to visit the country, thus boosting the already booming tourism of the country. The move by the Dubai Sports Council is a well-thought step as it would not only boost tourism and increase hospitality revenue, but will land UAE directly amid the western countries known for their efficiency to host events of such grandeur without any issue.

According to the released information, all 70 events will meet the needs and expectation of every sporting community across the country.  Amongst the events that are expected to turn the heads of every sports fanatic, the key events are IronMan 70.3 Dubai, Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships and the world-class splendid UAE Tour – the only World Tour cycling race in the Middle East.

Apart from such striking events, Dubai Sports Council has also organised fitness sports events like Cigna Park Run, Hatta Walkathon, Dubai Desert Road Run and Inspire Yoga. Moreover, the organisation is also hosting events like Dubai Cares Walk for Education and the Walk for Arthritis to cater the special needs of the society. On the other hand, Dubai will also witness 2nd Corporate Sports Championship Dubai to promote the importance of healthy work-life balance and sports while working for the corporate sector.

Even though February will establish the UAE amongst the ranks of western countries for hosting large scale events majorly due to the dedication and efforts of Dubai Sports Council, the 2020 Spartan Race World Championship is also expected to get the attention of every sporting community. As per the announcement, the event will take place at the Tal Mor’eb Sand Dune in Abu Dhabi on December 4th and 5th, 2020. This will be the first time that the event is being held outside the US.