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Qatar’s Mutaz Barshim on Cloud Nine at World Athletics Championship

Doha’s Khalifa International Stadium witnessed the breath-taking win of Qatari athlete Mutaz Barshim in the men’s high jump. The 2017 World Athlete of the Year saw Barshim as the unofficial poster boy ever since it was planned that the World Athletics Championship will be held in Doha.

Just fourteen months before the start of the championship, Barshim was heartbroken due to a serious ankle injury that ruptured his ligaments. The subsequent surgery that followed was a race against the clock with the IAAF 2019 very near.

Leaving all barriers behind, Barshim came in form to receive congratulations from Qatar’s Emir after leaving the crowd crazy by winning the high jump title in the race.

The high jump race in Doha was a real time struggle for the 28-year-old who succeeded the race after his third and final attempt at 2.33 metres, taking gold with a high jump of 2.37m.

Elated at getting the opportunity of having a delightful conversation with Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Barshim said, “I felt that (support) a lot from the crowd, from the emir himself to everyone who come out tonight.” He added, “I was with him (the emir) just now. I can’t tell you (what he said) — it’s top secret.”

Expressing his emotions after winning, Barshim said, “It means everything to me I’m really happy to do it here at home. To everybody who came out here to support and believed in me I just wanted to do this for them.”

Speaking about the jam packed stadium, Barshim said that he could see in the eyes of people, how much enjoyment were they getting from the race. He added that the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo are obviously on his mind. But as of now he has other priorities in immediate future.

Bashir said, “first I need to be fat, to eat as much as I can and to have a vacation!”

Competing with Mikhail Akimenko and Ilya Ivanyuk, Barshim surely had a fine competition. Maintaining his perfect scorecard to a 2.35m personal best, Akimenko remained in lead followed by Ivanyuk adding two centimeters to his personal best.

Due to some technical clichés in the World Athletics Championship, the medal ceremony will be postponed for the next day. The news came as a relief to Barshim who said that he was tired enough after running the race and would be able to enjoy the ceremony better the following day.

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